Running your business isn't just about the service you provide or the quality of product you are selling or the great pricing you're able to provide. Many businesses all over the world have had superior offerings when compared to that of their competition and still did not manage to sustain themselves for very long. To ensure you're businesses competitive edge and longevity one needs to invest in the narrative and the means to communicate with your loyal customers and potential customers effectively with the shortest turnaround time and remain cost effective. 

Marketing in the digital age

Modern marketing tactics have seen businesses effectively outsource their marketing to online ad platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords and while they are formidable tools in any businesses marketing arsenal they come at great cost. One always needs to look at ways of speaking directly to the customer, removing barriers and middlemen and essentially reducing your acquisition costs.

How small businesses can use SMS marketing

As a small business SMS marketing can be your ace up your sleeve

Direct digital marketing

The most effective way of marketing is still the old-fashioned way of sourcing and gathering your own list of customers. This can be done via platforms like Facebook and Adwords but essentially you should be looking to gather email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects regularly so even if you don't make the sale initially you always have a lead to follow up on. Gathering these valuable leads is half the battle done, now it's time to communicate with your subscribers.

Speak directly to your customer

While email marketing can be an effective marketing tool it can take time to design and craft a well-written email that will bring in the correct RIO. This requires additional resources and turnaround times that small businesses cannot always afford especially when they need to react quickly. This is why SMS makes so much sense for small business, all you need to do is craft a short message of 140 characters or less, add your offer and your link if needed and off you go!

SMS is versatile

SMS marketing can be applied to just about every industry in some way that can prove beneficial either with direct marketing, improved communication or as a customer relationship management tool. For additional tips on how SMS marketing can be applied to your field check out these articles or pick out the one most relevant to your business.

Tracking your progress

SMS marketing is also trackable with popular digital marketing tools like Google Analytics. If you would like to know how SMS can be tracked using GA check out our article - How To Track your SMS campaigns with GA

Cost of SMS marketing

SMS often gets associated as an expensive marketing tool used by big corporates but this is not the case. Using our iTouch Bulk SMS platform we provide you with complete control over how you send when you send and what you send you also have control over the cost.

For more on how the iTouch bulk SMS platform works check out this article - How The iTouch Bulk SMS Platform Works or try it out now by creating a free account.

Bulk messaging brings in customers

A staggering 93% of consumers who receive an SMS read it within the first minute and no other marketing medium comes close to commanding that kind of attention. Combining that sort of power with a thoughtful well put together text and choosing the correct timings to send your campaign it can make a world of difference to your bottom line.

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