iTouch Foundation


To assist in transformation and improvement of the standard of living for Africans through partnerships, skills development, mentorships and volunteerism. Encourage entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.


We provide opportunities for learning and development with a focus on media, communications and information technologies. We currently support individuals, organisations and NGO’s working with young people.


To foster partnerships locally and internationally that will raise awareness and support for young Africans who are interested in media, communications, information technologies, Apps, Gaming and to new technologies.

Image of Feroza adam

The Feroza Adam Legacy - The iTouch Foundation

The iTouch foundation launched its flagship project in 2015 in honour of, and inspired by, Feroza Adam. This Legacy programme is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women through skills development and mentorship programs.


Bursary and Internship Programme

In 2015 iTouch Foundation started a bursary and internship programme. The foundation sponsored four Computer Science students completing their 3rd year at the University of Cape Town. The foundation has extended support to two students doing their honors in 2016. During the Semester breaks iTouch also runs an internship programme with the bursars.


Global Child Forum

Global Child Forum is an independent, global multi-stakeholder platform for informed dialogue and thought leadership on how to advance children’s rights in support of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Global Child Forum aims at gathering leaders from business, governments, academia and civil society in a joint effort to implement children’s rights.

iTouch was invited to participate in the GCF, and in particular we focused on responsible marketing to children. We believe companies must ensure that their communication and marketing approaches are conducted in the best interest of the child.

Project Playground

Project Playground is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010, which works to improve children and young people's opportunities in life through meaningful leisure activities with a focus on the individual. Our vision is a safe world in which all children and young people grow up with confidence and ability to influence their own lives.

Sustainable Development

In September 2015, the United Nations launched the Global Goals. If they are met, these 17 goals, with their ambitious targets, could end extreme poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change over the next 15 years. The goals are designed to safeguard the health and future of the planet and everyone on it. The best chances of meeting the goals is if everyone on the planet knows about them.