Established in 1995, iTouch has positioned itself as African Experts in the world of Messaging, be it SMS, Email, Rich Media Messaging, USSD campaigns, CPaaS, and the data management of your campaigns that lead to improved ROI’s. In addition we provide technology to MVNO’s to better serve their customers.

Being promptly responsive to customer's needs is a winning strategy in business but often hard to find and hugely frustrating, right? The lightning speed with which queries and problems are attended to and the ability to customise your needs in asector of automated services gives iTouch the competitive edge.

iTouch's Secure Corporate Messaging Solutions are valuable tools in any corporate communications mix. In a world where security is of utmost importance, we ensure that we provide you with bank-grade security that fulfils your compliance requirements when it comes to data-security acts.







Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth by connecting the world to Africa through iTouch’s secure messaging platforms.


To provide a place for people to grow, foster innovation, build wealth and contribute toward a greater good.


Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and pay equality Ensuring our communication and marketing approaches are conducted in the best interest of children.


  • 1995

    Originally part of iTouch (Pty) Ltd, iTouch Messaging Service was founded in South Africa.

  • 1997

    Awarded the Vodacom New Product Development agreement

  • 1999

    Independent News & Media acquired 70%

  • 2000

    Listed on the LSE

  • 2009

    iTouch Messaging Services was sold and placed back in the hands of South Africans

  • 2014

    iTouch launches its Rich Media Messaging platform(RMS).

  • 2015

    At an event held at the Swedish Royal Palace, iTouch became a signatory and adopted the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

  • 2015

    At an event held at the South African Parliament, iTouch Foundation launched its flagship project in honour of, and inspired by, Feroza Adam.

  • 2016

    iTouch Chairperson joins the board of MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum), a Global trade body that represents the mobile world, ensuring that Africa is well represented.

  • 2017

    iTouch expands its African footprint in 10 African countries.

  • 2017

    iTouch CEO, joins the board of WASPA as Treasurer and then Chairperson, the regulatory body for the South African market ensuring that its role is exceedingly more relevant.

  • 2018

    iTouch launched its Omni-Channel platform for mass distribution of SMS, Email, AVM and the capability to reward customers with airtime and data all in one convenient platform. It features real-time reporting and high speed through-puts.

  • 2019

    iTouch launches its Electronic Messaging Service (EMS) which enables personalized and secure delivery of electronic statements, invoices, payslips and policy schedules to a mobile device.

  • 2020

    iTouch adds key platforms to the 'technology stack' to enable MVNOs worldwide. This includes giving the MVNO customer the ability of checking airtime and data balances, requesting reload vouchers and with iTouch’s Voucher Management Platform, the ability to receive the voucher.

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