We live in a world where mobile digital fraudsters seem to always be ahead of security innovations, and where digital fraud is continually on the rise resulting in significant financial losses, and in some cases, reputational damage that ultimately comes at a cost to the business.

iTouch’s very own Mobile Virtual Identity (MVI) solution is an innovative solution that revolutionises the approach to protecting online identities by leveraging blockchain technology.

The scope of the service is defined as the ability to;

  • Provide an immutable distributed mobile identity
  • Authenticate the device credentials
  • Deliver encryption/decryption of SMS services end-to-end

The MVI solution is designed to protect multiple communication channels, including SMS, USSD and Data channels. As such, messages can be delivered over the data channel resulting in significant savings on SMS delivery costs.

The MVI Solution is also designed to be multi-tenanted and therefore allows multiple banks / institutions / enterprises / governments to use the same solution that conveniently allows each consumer to receive their respective encrypted communication, all in one secure inbox. Each MVI customer will have their own and unique sender ID for easy reference by the consumer.


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