Law firms today face a rapidly changing market where clients now have access to resources outside of traditional legal entities and firms. Technological developments have made access to legal information and services easier to obtain, without needing to hire a lawyer for certain tasks. While it is still advised to seek out a legal professional when dealing with more complex matters this service industry needs to start driving home the message of authority and convenience. Clients are demanding more from service providers in the modern age and law firms are no different. In order to remain competitive and set yourself apart from your competitor's law firms need to employ marketing strategies they would not have thought of in the past, with SMS marketing being one that is constantly overlooked by this field. 

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is also known as text message marketing. It is a form of marketing that utilizes an opt-in service for those who may be interested in your product or service to receive text messages on their cell phone from your company. These messages that are sent can be anything that you want customers to know

Text message marketing can help law firms connect with customers, build their brand, produce new leads and increase proficiency. Here are 7 ways legal marketers can start using text messaging:

Law firm bulk sms strategies
  1. Add a Text Call to Action (CTA)

Potential clients most likely have their mobile phones with them, so make it easy for them to get information. That is why you should not forget your call to action to engage your customers further. For example, at the end of your podcast, ask listeners to text an easy-to-remember keyword to 41411 to learn more about your firm. Whenever someone texts in, you have begun what is hopefully a lifelong relationship.

  1. Distribute Your Content

Want a rapid way to share your "Guide to Workers Compensation" at an event? Create a text-for-info campaign so that potential clients can text in and get an auto-response with a link to your guide. Or create a short video about your firm's capabilities and make it accessible by text message.

  1. Send Staff Notifications

Send text message notifications to your in-house staff or to your virtual staff working remotely. Let them know if the office will be closed for the holiday or keep them up to date with news of new business. Strengthen your brand through improved internal communication and make sure all of your staff is on the same page.

  1. Marketing Messages To Opted-In Prospects

Non-confidential information such as appointment reminders or marketing messages can be shared through text with clients who opt-in to receive messages. For example, if your firm deals with wills and trusts, you could send out a reminder text to potential clients who subscribed to your list about estate planning. Reminders like these go a long way in keeping your law office top of mind.

  1. Client Retention

With such text messaging systems, you can send branded texts and mass SMS updates, like email newsletter information, without hassle. The texts help you evade outdated email addresses and reach more of your core customer base who have opted in and showed interest in receiving messages from you on their mobile devices.

  1. Improve Customer Service

Customer service is secret to success for many businesses, and the legal field is no different. 67% of people have admitted to hanging up the phone in frustration with an automated system. Text services also contribute to building solid relationships by improving customer service.

Now with two-way SMS chat offered by bulk SMS providers, your clients will always get the quick and clear responses they deserve.

  1. Text Services Reminders

You can use text messaging software to create and send out reminder texts to clients. These can help ensure that clients never miss an appointment, and if they need to change or cancel an appointment, to do so is only one click away on their phone.

The convenience of texts also increases the odds that clients will confirm, change or cancel the appointments they have scheduled if they need to, instead of missing it without notice. This can save your firm both time and money, while also strengthening client relationships.

Current text services also make it possible to send specific text messages to individual customers, like appointment reminders or which documents they need. Both of these are a convenient way to keep clients in the loop and can increase your brand awareness through regular reminders sent straight to their phones.

Final thoughts

Text messages should be sent at a rate of no more than one or two per week and each message should be of high value to the customer. Keep things of a pleasant variety to your customers, so always rotate the information that is being sent to them.

No matter what type of law your firm specialises in, SMS marketing is certainly an advantageous way to gain new clients and benefit those that you already have. If you've not already begun inaugurating text message marketing into your business practices do not wait a day longer to do so. You could really be missing out on clients and the chance of building your law firm's reputation.

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