The iTouch foundation is our corporate outreach and social development arm of iTouch. Each year the foundation is tasked with finding new ways of adding skills development and entrepreneurship through mentorship and investment. 
2018 has been a busy year for the foundation and here's what it has achieved thus far.
iTouch foundation Infographic
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The purpose of iTouch Foundation

The purpose of the iTouch Foundation is to contribute to the transformation and improvement of the standard of living of ordinary South African

The aim of the iTouch foundation

This is achieved through partnerships that promote skills development, offer mentorships and encourage volunteerism. The iTouch foundation acts as a support structure that actively inspires a culture of social entrepreneurship and economic participation, with the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation.

Projects the iTouch foundation is involved in

  • Bursary and Internship Programme
  • Global Child Forum
  • Project Playground
  • The Global Goals

Total investment by the iTouch foundation

In 2018 we invested just under R1.2 Million youth empowerment and social responsibility programs in various sectors and stages of development
  • Skills development - R656 561
  • Enterprise & supplier development - R409 620
  • Corporate & social development - R117 649

Why we aim to empower the future workforce

We provide value by helping bridge the gap between academia and the workplace on a technical level and providing mentorship and structured guidelines on how to run an effective business. 

What is the vision of the iTouch foundation?

The iTouch foundation aims to make a positive difference wherever possible by providing a successful template for other corporates and SME's to copy in order to get youth into the job market quicker and gain valuable experience and in turn up-skill youth and reduce unemployment.

Growing the iTouch Foundation

iTouch Foundation aims to foster partnerships locally and internationally with the goal of raising awareness and support for young South Africans who are interested in a range of business sectors.

Contact us

If you want to know more about the iTouch foundation and its initiatives or want to get involved, then feel free to contact us here.

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