The world is going mobile and it is evident by the amount of mobile phones available today as well as the rapid rate of Smartphone adoption locally and abroad.

According to research worldwide 52% of the internet is being consumed on mobile devices while the Middle East and Africa will have the strongest mobile data traffic growth of any region with a 71‑percent .

Taking this into consideration we at iTouch put together a comparison of the performance between bulk SMS and bulk email on a local and global scale with some interesting findings.



SMS | Email

Open rate
98.9% | 2.3%
Response rate
3.16% | 23.1%


SMS | Email

Open rate
97.8% | 24.86%
Response rate
19% | 3.28%

Email open rate source - everlytic 2015 report.

This trend has opened up uncharted territory for many businesses trying to get their message across to these mobile devices. Many businesses see this as a daunting task and have stuck to conventional methods of marketing.

But with 20 years of experience in the industry iTouch's range of mobile marketing services simplifies the task of mobile marketing.

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Additional sources used: Business2community, Open Market, Mobile Marketing Watch and Internal data