We're excited to announce that our very own Waheed Adam has been acknowledged for his serial entrepreneurship by Entrepreneurs’ Organisation as well as SABC Africa.

Read the inspiring story of iTouch director Waheed Adam on how got started in businesses from a tender age. What his motivations were to get into business and how he began his first venture.

What does it mean to be an EO Bizkid?

Members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation had shared their experiences of running a business when they were either children or students at a university and how they are helping their own children run their own businesses. These stories have been shared to spark inspiration among South Africa’s youth and encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Waheed Adam (51) An EO member since July 2016 and CEO of Prime Group

How Waheed Adam got started in business

Infographic of Waheed Adam
  1. My first entrepreneurial venture happened when I was nine or ten years old and came from necessity.
  2. My dad was supporting two families after he remarried and had a total of six children. I decided to support myself as much as I could and started with earning my own pocket money
  3. I learnt how to make copper-wire beaded bangles that uniquely (at the time) could expand to fit all sizes. I began the venture and mainly sold to the public.
  4. A point came when I had retail shops requesting my product, however, the very first one I supplied failed to pay me. It was a small fortune which I lost in terms of materials but learnt the hard lesson and started all over again.
"The feeling of earning money, irrespective of how little it may have been, gave me a deep sense of independence and also satisfaction knowing I did not have to burden my father with requests for cash. And that led me to the next phase of running my own business today." - Waheed Adam

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