Simple rules for SMS marketing – Part 2

So we’re back with what we hope is an anticipated launch of part 2 to the simple rules of SMS marketing. If you’re only tuning in now, you can find part on here. This guide will focus more on the implementation of SMS marketing and tasks that if not done correctly will definitely see your next campaign fall flat.

Man going through inbox with one hand, while holding analytical data on the other hand

5. Provide an opt out

Your subscribers need to be made aware that they can opt out of receiving text message campaigns at anytime.

Providing out out instructions like “SMS STOP” to cancel is a good idea to keep cool frustration of improper or high frequency targeting and a natural way to maintain a healthy converting database.

This can be included right at the end of your message so even users who are looking to opt out will still have to read through your marketing message to find the instructions.

6. Best times to text

Be mindful of your clients and respect their peace since you’re connecting with them on a personal device they usually have with them at most times of the day making timing very important as moods tend to change during the course of the day.

Be sure to only send marketing text messages during business hours, since one of the many benefits of SMS marketing is an immediate reaction from customers it is best to target them when they are at their most alert and eager to respond.

7. Speak in their terms

With space being premium in a Bulk SMS keeping your message short andalusia concise is one of the biggest challenges with this broadcast medium.

Try and some up your message and limit it to one call to action. If two is needed try segmenting the database or plan a second round of SMS’s

If you're still struggling to fit your message within the character limit please remember to use short-hand sparingly and use short hand that is popular such as “mnth” for “month”. The last thing you want is for users to have to ask their teenagers to decipher your marketing message.

8. Add value

EVERY text message should have the aim to provide value or a value proposition to its user. Keep things fresh and exciting, make them feel important or welcome, as they are the first to know or part of something exclusive and that's why they’re receiving your message. If the marketing message speaks to the user directly its likely to get a favourable response as apposed to feeling like a mass broadcast.

On the other side of the coin, if not your text messages will be seen as worthless or spam and the user is highly prone to unsubscribing.

Bonus tip: Use rich media

If your text messages are just not cutting it and getting you the desired result perhaps a change of medium is in order. Using rich media options like bulk MMS or bulk MEMS could be the ace up your sleeve to bring that database back to life.

Now that you’ve gone through our list and are well equipped to sending your next SMS campaign, we wish you good luck and happy marketing.