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Why Use Short Codes?

Short Codes can be used in a variety of ways however the most popular uses to date are:

  • Customers can check trading hours and store location anytime, anywhere
  • Customers can interact with your company and their brand as and when needed
  • Short-codes demonstrate your accessibility 24/7

How Short Codes Works

A short-code is a dedicated short number, usually 5 digits in length, for a service, product or company that customers can access for information and services.

Every company should have their own dedicated short-code number so that their customers can reach them 24/7 to access information, services and also interact.

In South Africa Short Codes are 5-digit mobile numbers allocated by cellular networks to registered WASPS such as iTouch. These Short Codes are compatible across all cellular networks. They are rated according to the price a mobile user will be charged by their network provider for sending an SMS to the code. Some codes are standard rated meaning the mobile user will only be charged according to their prevailing SMS contract or pre-paid rate for sending an SMS to the code. Others are premium rated. Meaning the mobile user will pay an additional SMS fee whenever sending an SMS to such a code.

The short-code 3 50/50 in South Africa - launched by iTouch, is a good example of customers embrace the interaction when it’s easy and inexpensive

Key Features

  • A single short-code can be obtained for all mobile networks
  • A short-code can be rented indefinitely
  • A short-code provides access to information and services that can be changed quickly and easily
  • All activity is tabled in weekly and/or monthly reports

What Does It Cost?

  • iTouch customers may apply for a dedicated 5-digit Short Code or their own Keyword/s on a Shared Short Code. The most commonly used Short Code bands are Standard Rated, R1,00 and R1,50.
  • iTouch charges a nominal monthly fee to provide a dedicated short-code
  • iTouch charges a small fee to set-up and maintain the services behind the short-code
  • 24/7 availability provided by having a short-code is cost effective

Recommended Solution For

  • All companies who want to be available to their customers 24/7
  • All companies who want to provide information and services when the customer is interested
  • All companies who want to be competitive in and out of the office

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