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Why Use Bulk MEMS?

MEMS allow its users to take advantage of every marketing opportunity by providing easy-to-use platform to create campaigns and send it to their clients customer database within minutes.

The message contains a URL which points to a landing page/s, created within the platform, making use of various forms of creative content such as video, voice, text, graphics, and can also be directed to the company’s social media links such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thus providing a more exciting effective campaign product than a simple plain-text message.

How Bulk MEMS Works

Multi-channel Embedded Message Service (MEMS) is a rich media message that can be sent to both feature and smart mobile phones. MEMS helps to facilitate revealing all the customers' marketing assets in one single communication. Whilst MMS only allows a single audiovisual file per message, (and delivery is not guaranteed), MEMS is a bearer which carries limitless audio-visual files and delivery is guaranteed to an active mobile number.

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Key Features

In addition MEMS systems allow to a target recipient through a dedicated unique URL, thus providing increased security and increased capabilities as these platforms can also be used to for invoicing, statements, salary advice slips, etc. These URLs are archived for that recipient promoting easy reference and retrieval of past communication.

What Does It Cost?

Since MEMS make use the SMS platform, it remains cost effective and is therefore a cheaper direct messaging solution in comparison to a MMS; which has not seen the expected growth in the industry due to cost and other limitations. Thus in terms of the value proposition, MEMS have no real barrier, you simple get an easy-to-use platform for marketers and a great user experience for your targeted audience.

Recommended Solution For:

MEMS is recommended for any company wishing to excite their campaigns using rich media format that will more than likely catch the attention of waning consumers bombarded by plain text messaging.

MEMS can be used in direct marketing campaigns, interactive marketing campaigns, bulk communications to your customer base, secure sending of invoices, pay slips and statements, amongst others.

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