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As is the case with modern technology, updates, upgrades and improvements are being released consistently and mobile messaging is no exception. Mobile handsets rapid progression has lead to the birth of SMS, later MMS and now MEMS. So now you're asking what are MEMS and what does it do differently? Let us take you through the world of MEMS.

Take a tour of what MEMS has to offer

  • MEMS leverages the popularity and familiarity of the SMS bearer, whilst providing a rich and “limitless” multichannel experience.
  • MEMS - the new rich marketing messaging tool to replace SMS and MMS
  • MEMS – is a flash mobisite easily created in minutes for a specific campaign, even by an average user
  • MEMS – when published each customer receives a unique link to the campaign
  • MEMS – the ability to track and mine customer behaviour
  • The MEMS Mobiz platform is highly adaptable, scalable and robust.

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Sample Campaigns

MEMS Sample Campaign