Augmented reality apps have been around for some time but 2016 has really been its break-out-year with Pokemon Go has been the springboard for the medium.

The augmented reality poster child has literally put AR on the map and front of mind for millions around the world and is only one of many apps taking advantage of this technology.

If you would like to explore more of what AR has to offer without spending a cent. We've put together a list of the top 5 free augmented reality apps here.

1. Ingress (free)

Ingress is developed by Niantic and was Google’s first entry into the AR game market, and it’s easily one of the most creative AR applications sp far.

Basically, the game is an MMO that puts players into two factions — the Enlightened and the Resistance — and has them fight for control of virtual territories in a giant game of king of the hill.

Available for Android and iOS

Download it here.

Ingress gameplay

Ingress gameplay

2. Google Translate

Yes, our second entry also comes from the guys at google but is a lot more practical but still a lot of fun. This app really comes in handy when you're travelling, simply hold up your phone and point the camera at something you would like to translate and the app will translate and display the translation live in real time.

Available for Android and iOS

Download iOS | Download Android

Google translate AR field test

3. Crayola Colour Alive

Colouring with crayons is a long standing favourite activity of children all over the world. And while a beautifully finished colouring book page is a source of pride and achievement so wouldn’t it be nice if those pages actually, you know, did something?

Well the guys at Crayola did just that using special Colour Alive pages; free samples are available on the Crayola website, and additional books of pages featuring characters like Barbie, the Minions, superheroes, and more can be purchased from Crayola.

Available for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & Amazon apps

Download it here

Colour Alive With Crayola

4. Blippar

It’s called “blipping,” and the Blippar are really hoping that this app catches on. You can blip anything from an object to a magazine to an advertisement, and more.

The app has heaps of educational potential here, but there’s also a lot of marketing potential too. Blippar currently works with dozens of big brand names and their products (everyone from Coca Cola to Unilever) to unlock content.

Available for Android and iOS

Dowland it here

Discover more with Blippar

5. Night Terrors

Currently being crowd funded this app has started quite the stir since its promotional video release and getting loads of attention so we had to add it to our list. This app isn't out yet, but what it promises is truly something we've never seen before.

Night Terrors transforms your house into a haunted death house filled with all sorts of spooky entities to interact with.

Night Terrors spooking up your house

Augment your own reality

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