USSD codes for Tanzanian Cellular providers

If there is one continent that has taken to mobile services it would be Africa. The growth of feature phones and Smartphones in the region has been a catalyst for so many new initiatives and USSD has been one of them. USSD has naturally been popular with network providers, banks and for marketing.

Tanzanian cellular networks have made use of USSD to provide access to a host of information and self-service portals.

What is USSD?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) allows you to request services by dialing a particular short sequence of characters on your phone, for instance *123#.

Tanzanian USSD codes

Having these codes handy can open up a world of services that you might not have and is provided by your network provider.

If you're a Tanzanian local or a traveler that finds themselves in Tanzania and in the possession of a Tanzanian simcard, here are some USSD codes for Tanzania’s cellular providers Airtel, Tigo and Vodacom Tanzania that will help.






Airtime Bundle


Airtel’s Available Services




Switch on/ Internet Bundle




Daka Salio




Islamic Portal


Christianity Portal


Voice Chart


Mwananchi News Alerts


Airtel Money


Airtel Classified




International Pack


Registration Status


Language Change


Call centre


Balance check


Voucher Recharging

*104*scratched numbers#

Home WiFi


Airtel Zone


Please Call Me Service

*333* mobile phone number#


Pre-paid Short Codes



Check pre-paid balance


Voice Package Balance


Top Up

*104*[card pin number]#

Call to Recharge

Dial 104

Call to Check Balance

Dial 102

Call to Request PUK

Dial 100

Check your Phone Number


Transfer Airtime

*101* [Enter recipient phone number] * [amount] #

Magic Number


Data Balance


Tigo Pesa Services


Post-Paid Short Codes



Data Balance


Data balance check





 Service Menu

*111# (Contract & Prepaid)

Balance Enquiry


*100# (Prepaid Only)


 *111*502# (Contract)

Recharge of prepaid account - Account topped up with voucher value


*100*01*Recharge PIN# (Prepaid Only)

CallMe Service - Sending a text message which includes the sender's number to another cell phone number requesting the receiver to call the sender


*140*MSISDN# (Contract & Prepaid)

Please Recharge Me - Request airtime from your phone to any Vodacom customer



Data bundle transfer - Buying data bundles


*111*1002# (Prepaid Only)

Airtime transfer - Send airtime from your cellphone to any other Vodacom Prepaid phone



Airtime Advance – If you qualify for airtime advance

If you do not you will see a message telling you that you do not qualify and what qualifying criteria are.


Vodacom Paypoint - Enables Vodacom merchants to accept credit card payments using a mobile phone without requiring a fixed line point of sale terminal



Promotions - For information on Power Hour and other Vodacom promotions


*111# and select “Promotions”

Entertainment – For information on Vodacom entertainment


*111# and select “Entertainment”

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