We all know that attaining reliable and affordable internet is sometimes challenging. With American fact tank, Pew Research found that regionally, internet use is lowest in sub-Saharan Africa, with South Africa (59%) being the only country in the region where at least half the population is online.

However, this new endeavour will be using satellite, which will allow for remote areas to have access to the internet. With satellite, organisations are not dependent on existing landline and cellular infrastructure.

The locally developed satellite technology will have the ability to deliver cheap and widespread broadband capabilities

What is MzansiSat?

MzansiSat is a Stellenbosch based Satellite Company that aims to launch a South African-owned and operated the geostationary satellite, MzansiSat-1 by 2022. The company revealed that it is having difficulty securing regulatory approval. According to MzansiSat, the satellite will provide fast internet while ensuring upgraded access to technology and connectivity.

How does MzansiSat plan to provide affordable internet access to South Africans?

They aim to do this through a South African-owned and -operated Satellite and Payload; they will provide a strategic data transfer node with ground-segments, within the C & Ku band.

The technology they are using beams - only ONE static beam as a technical footprint, not several small ones that need more default ground infrastructure (At least one per beam), also they do not suffer from the risk of rain fade or losing links, compared to Ka-Band Satellite technology.

Additionally, many Ka-Band Licence holders fail to produce substantial profits, because of their high distribution prices, combined with high operating costs.

What sets them apart?

MzanziSat wants to cater to the local market within SA – they are Afro-centric.

Moreover, once the ground infrastructure needed to link up to our satellite is launched; it will be more affordable against comparable companies and operators. In many cases, existing satellite dish infrastructure can be used to link up to our network.

What does the company aim to achieve with the launch of MzansiSat-1 and how do they plan to do so?

MzanziSat state that they are here to do business and are feeling right at home in the B2B and B2G sector. Their MzansiSat’s charter is in accordance with all SA labour and ethnic diversity codes.

One of the first actions they plan to take is to launch a programme to form and train the next generation of telecoms and satellite tech engineers.

Furthermore, plans are in process to break down the #DigitalDivide and empower South Africans and Communities to use the internet.

Time to connect

With MzanziSat offering 16Mbit/s downlink to its base stations, fast internet and access will no longer be an obstacle.

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