The time has come, once again the Mobile World Congress is almost upon us. The annual tech congress has grown in stature each year and has become the platform for the introduction of some of the most exciting innovations in the world of mobile technology. 

The hype around the MWC has grown so much that it has become known as the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry and has made the host Barcelona the mobile world capital. The annual event brings together people from all over the world with anyone who has a vested interest in mobile technology making a concerted effort to attend the MWC. 

What is Mobile World Congress?

This annual event provides a unique platform for business opportunities and relationship-building. Mobile World Congress includes over 2,300 exhibitors, showcasing the latest innovations; a world-class conference featuring inspiring keynotes and discussions; one of a kind networking opportunities; and the annual Global Mobile Awards ceremony, which recognises leading mobile solutions and initiatives around the world.

Highlights of MWC 2017

We cannot inform of the exciting themes and highlights of the Mobile World Congress 2018 without looking back at the highlights of 2017. The hottest smartphones were unveiled MWC 2017, from the throwback and nostalgic remake of the Nokia 3310 to the Blackberry KEYone and the Huawei Plus 10.

Another highlight was the hottest mobile accessories showcased and revealed, such as the Tapdo Bluetooth button with a fingerprint sensor and Porsche announcing their first computer. 

Last year was jam-packed with announcements and you see the full list of 2017 highlights here. Simply visit out our article on The best of the Mobile World Congress 2017 

When and Where

This year’s MWC is once again taking place in the mobile capital of the world – Barcelona, Spain. This 4-day event takes place from the 26 Feb – 1 March 2018.

What to expect?

The MWC has listed the main themes they will be focusing during this 2018 event. They are:

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Future Services Provider
  • The Network - from 5G and LTE, to NFV, SDN & so much more.
  • The Digital Consumer
  • Tech in Society
  • Content in Media
  • Applied AI
  • Innovation

Possible 2018 Highlights

The Mobile World Congress boast the highlights of their 2018 event to be:

  • A world-class thought-leadership Conference featuring visionary keynotes and panel discussions.
  • A cutting-edge product and technology Exhibition featuring 2,300 exhibitors
  • The world’s best venue for seeking industry opportunities, making deals, and Networking
  • And the Global Mobile Awards programme, where we recognise advancements and achievements in the industry

With all of these themes being discussed and dealt with, the Mobile World Congress continues the trend of showcasing front-runners who are pushing the boundaries in what the mobile world has to offer. The Mobile World Congress is an exciting and innovative event that entices everyone with a mobile-first mindset to be part of it. 

For more on the MWC 2018 check out the brochure for more detailed information: Download it here

iTouch will attend the MWC 2018

Our very own Waheed Adam and Craig Berry will be attending this year's event, which highlights our commitment to remain at the forefront of mobile innovation.

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