MTN Music TIme

In the digital age, music and digital devices have formed a sort of symbiosis as we can now walk around with immediate access to just about any song we can think of. Smartphones and improved bandwidth speeds have seen the dawn of music streaming applications become wildly popular. Businesses like iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud have all jumped into this market and continue to battle it out for supremacy. 

Now it seems like local telecommunications provider MTN wants to get into the market too. MTN realises that we all have that one playlist that either sets the mood or fit perfectly for the moment and wants to be the local provider South African's turn to for their daily fix of music with its new service dubbed “MusicTime!

So what does MTN’s latest offering have for its potential new user base? Let's dive in and find out.

What is MusicTime! all about?

The new music app comes on the back of MTN’s recent acquisition of music streaming provider Simfy Africa. However, one cannot assume that MusicTime! will be the same as applications like Spotify.

Instead of a monthly subscription for the Premium version of its app, or an ad-laden Free tier, MusicTime has opted for a different approach. MusicTime is time-based system and offers access based on usage time while providing access to trending and locally relevant music through partnerships with key music labels and providers.

MTN’s aim is to transform Africa’s music industry into a fully inclusive music streaming service, that offers top trending music and data included in the price.

How much does MusicTime! cost?

MusicTime! contains a timer, which clocks down as users listen to music. it is available as either:

  • 120 minutes for R5
  • 300 minutes for R10

Both packages are valid for 7 days from purchase.

“Prepaid customers can purchase music time using airtime at affordable price points. All new users receive 60 minutes free upon their MusicTime app download, valid for seven days.” Says Jacqui O’Sullivan, Executive for Corporate Affairs at MTN SA

MusicTime! hosts a catalogue of 42 millions of tracks that are available for streaming on Android and iOS. With the app being completely transparent and requiring no subscription, users can listen to the music they want, when they want, with no hidden data costs, advertisements or other interruptions.

O’Sullivan adds that:

“We have worked hard in getting this breakthrough model to our customers. Data costs and the high costs of the top end music streaming products mean that the majority of our customers don’t have an affordable option for digital music and Simfy Africa came with the solution we were looking for. The way MusicTime! works means our customers can be amongst the first to listen to premium local and international tracks from the latest albums as they launch globally for only R5, with data included.”

Can MusicTime! be successful?

The app’s biggest draw will be the quality and range of music within their catalogue. Supposing the new releases is abundant and the local catalogue deep, it could prove an attractive option for those on a budgeted price.

With O’Sullivan advertising that:

“Data costs and the high costs of the top end music streaming products mean that the majority of our customers don’t have an affordable option for digital music and Simfy Africa came with the solution we were looking for”

Turning up the volume

MTN will need to drive home the control and affordability factor along with access to local content as its unique selling point if it looks to win market share in a market heavily dominated by international players. It will be an interesting battle for the local streaming market but with such draw cards & MTN’s backing and user numbers, MusicTime! could be a winner. 

If you want to check out MusicTime! You will need to download the MusicTime app from your devices relevant app store. The MusicTime app is available for Android or iOS devices.

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