mobile fraud protection framework

In these tech-savvy times, the boundaries between public and private have become blurry. This brings about another set of challenges that consumers and businesses need to face. With fraud cases increasing, the need for a framework to come into play to combat these dangers became a necessity.

The MEF Enterprise Mobile Messaging Framework V20.0 heeds this call and provides a comprehensive framework for opposing and decreasing fraud within one’s business and to protect clients and their data.

What is the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF)?

The MEF acts as a global trade body that is an authoritative and impartial champion in addressing issues affecting the boarding mobile ecosystem. This forum works with their members in order to fast-track sustainable market growth which pushes inclusion for all and delivers trusted services to enhance the lives of consumers worldwide.

iTouch and the MEF

iTouch is always striving to provide the best for the clientele and protect their information. That is why iTouch, along with many other MEF members decided to create a framework that realises these ideals. We can proudly say that iTouch is one of the contributors to not only this second version of the framework but also to the first.

Mobile Fraud Messaging Framework V2.0

Although we are discussing the second version of this framework, it does not mean the first version should be forgotten.

The first version of this framework was created to identify and protect against fraud and laid the foundation for this second version. Its intent was to cultivate the best practice guidelines for the industry and buyers of messaging solutions, as well as providing the structure for an industry-wide certification programme.

As time progressed so did fraud schemes, and new ones joined the table, and this is where version 2.0 comes in order to address and contest against the new threats that have occurred since the first framework was released.

The framework states that this 2.0 version is meant to aid in:

  • Understanding why fraud exists.
  • Recognise the 13 different types of fraud which affect the ecosystem today.
  • Identify the different communities and parties within the ecosystem.
  • Consider the impact of fraud on the whole ecosystem.
  • Learn what steps can be taken to protect against fraud.

Additionally, this framework adds that they identify, define and map 13 different fraud types, using real-life examples of how fraud can occur in order to provide the best solutions.

Know The Solutions

This framework is extremely relevant and educative for not only businesses but consumers regarding fraud and should become the handbook in the mobile ecosystem world.

With some many leaders in the field who are strong competitors against one another coming together for the better of their clientele and consumers; having this framework in your possession is a no-brainer.

This framework provides every solution possible in detecting and protecting against fraud for every form. Additionally, this framework provides the tools and standards for any company to create a safe and secure space for the exchange of sensitive and private information.

For more information on the fraud framework and how to use it, download it here.

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