A USSD code allows users to access various services, such as menu-type applications using shortcodes usually start with * and end with # and can be typed into any mobile phone or Smartphone to call up a specific action. Learn how to create your own USSD codes here.

How to access USSD codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), also known as "Quick Codes" or "Feature codes” (these start with * and end with #), are typed on any cell phone to call up a specific action such as checking your airtime balance, sending a please call me etc.

The following are codes for our Kenyan audience to help make life easier. These menus can provide some of the most convenient life hacks and if you're new to it, no need to thank us.

Check out USSD Codes Every Kenyan Should Know

Kenyan Network Provider USSD codes

Function Request Airtel Mobile Safaricom Mobile Orange (Telkom Kenya) Mobile
Access master menus: *100# *126# #123#
Check airtime balance: *131# *144# *131#
Load airtime to your account: *130*PIN# *141*scratch-card number# *132*scratchcardnumber#
Request your own number: *222*2#   *130#
Request airtime from another user: *544# *544#  
Transfer airtime to another user: *140#, enter the amount & Mobile Number *130*number# *140*Airtime value you would like to share* mobile number you want to top-up#*130*
Request a call from another user (aka the please call me): *111# and choose smart services *130*number# *140*Airtime value you would like to share* mobile number you want to top-up#*130*

Airtel Mobile USSD codes

Service Code Cost
Airtel menu *100# Free
check airtime balance *131# Free
sambaza/me2u Text 2U, (phone number) (amount) to 5050 Ksh 1.20
data bundles *544# Starting price: 6MB -for KSh 5, Can get up to 20GB- for KSh 7,990
TopUp *133*scratchcardnumber# Free
Sms bundle *767# Daily 6- 3 Kshs, Weekly 500- 30 kshs, Monthly 1500- 70 Kshs
subscribe to club 20 *120# Ksh 20
Wikipedia *515#  
Please call me *222*2# Free
Bundle purchase/ Kopa *544# 50mbs @ KSh 20
6mb @ KSh 5
15MB @ KSh 10
250 MB @ KSh 99
Club 10 *120# Ksh 10
Airtel Zawadi *326# 1 point for each Kshs 10
Freelange Free *100*8# 6a.m. To 6p.m.- 2 cents
6p.m. To 6a.m.- 6.7 cents
Klub254 *254# Airtel to Airtel- 2 cents
6a.m. To 10p.m.- 6.7 cents
Kopa Credo *310# 10 % service fee of amount borrowed

Source: Airtel Kenya

Safaricom USSD codes

Service Code Cost
Menu *126# Free
Balance check *144# Free
Zidisha *485# 3.00 Ksh up to 3.50 Ksh
M-Pesa *293# then use secret pin 200 – 2,500 is 33 KSh
2,501- 5,000 is 66Ksh
Postpay *100*6# 5 Ksh
Data bundles *544# 5MB for 5 KSh
10MB- 10 Ksh
Bongo pin *126*5# Free
Okra Stima *885# 10% of amount borrowed
Sim registration *232# Free

Source: Safaricom

Orange (Telkom Kenya) Mobile USSD codes

Service Code Cost
Menu #123# Free
Balance check *131# Free
Holla *10# 1.80 bob
PEWA *133# 10% of amount deducted
Top Up *130*12 digit Pin # 15 MB- KSh 9(daily)
20MB- KSh 19 (Weekly)
150MB- KSh 99 (monthly)
Zaida Points #123#4 1 point earned for every 1 KSh spent
Facebook Bilanet *32# Daily Bundle- 10 Kshs
Weekly- 50kshs
Monthly- 100 Kshs
Hometalk *222# 10GB- 999 KSh
40GB- 2999Ksh
Unlimited- 3999Ksh
Nisort #123# then select Nisort Normal call rates
Phone Number *130# Free

Source: Orange Kenya

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