The messaging industry like many sectors driven by technology are constantly innovating, creating better tools, optimised processes and new opportunity for growth. It can be hard to keep up with the frantic pace at which changes happen and late adopters can be left behind as early adopters gain competitive advantages in the blink of an eye.

MEF, as one of the leading authorities along with iTouch and other MEF members have taken it upon themselves to simplify and educate clients on the direction messaging is going, what opportunities are now available and how to take advantage of these services.

The future of messaging guide

To accomplish this a guide called the Future of Messaging Guide has been formulated and features case studies across 25 sectors and how they fully utlise the power of messaging from the staple SMS to chat apps, and more.

This comprehensive piece of documentation highlights important topics currently a buzz in the messaging sector like:

Industry news

The stats, trends and challenges facing the messaging industry today plus a look ahead to the future of A2P (application to person) and Enterprise messaging from guide contributors and programme participants, including iTouch.

Use cases

More and more companies are using mobile messaging to improve customer engagement, make services more efficient, generate income or save money. Interviews include Cancer Research, FICO, Phillips Healthcare, Uber, Venmo, Virgin Trains, WeChat and Wire.

Machine messaging

The future of mobile messaging may well be post-human. Meet the pioneers in this exciting new phase of bots and smart machines using messaging tech to enhance digital lives. Interviews include Duolingo, Mastercard,, SAGE and Slack.

What’s next for messaging?

What does the future hold for messaging? The final section explores where the medium itself is heading as seen by industry leaders.
Interviews include Andreessen Horowitz, Layer, Operator, Swiftkey and Telefonica.

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As a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum iTouch has been directly involved with many MEF initiatives including the Future of Messaging Guide, and Fraud Framework Guide.

If you want to know more about the future of messaging or simply require a compliant and legitimate messaging services provider please, contact us here and we will arrange to meet with you.