Email marketing is a popular and inexpensive way to reach a large amount of customers in an instant. Having said that, nothing worthwhile is easy and people have attached a level of secrecy and sanctity to their email addresses and not everyone is deemed worthy to reach out to them.

The successful email needs to navigate between spam folders, custom filters, uninterested non-openers and finally reach its target audience at the right time to be effective. All this has turned email marketing into part art form part science hybrid.

At iTouch we always try to create effective messaging and here are some of our top tips

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1. Make subscribing fun and easy

Add your sign up form to places you're pushing traffic to from your homepage, to blog articles and even your facebook page.

Feel free to add additional segmentation rules for example birth date or interest groups but be sure to keep it simple or you'll put off customers who don't like giving out too much information.

2. Enforce the message of subscribing

On your subscription page re-enforce the benefits of signing up, such as weekly tips, daily deals, access to exclusive events and more to validate their decision to sign up.

3. Test the waters with a welcome email

Testing a valid email address is a great way to weed out poor leads before you start emailing and wasting sends. A clean email database can help keep you off the spam lists. Sending a welcome mail also reminds users why they signed up and keeps your brand front of mind and even encourages repeat visits days after sign up.

4. Extend your brand

When sending mails make sure it has a strong brand presence as well as a look and feel that matches your site so users can easily make the correlation between the mail they receiving and where it is coming from. This also encourages trust signals and improves click through rates.

5. Make it scannable

Break up your mail content into bite sized pieces so users can easily scroll down the mail and find the information they are most interested in and clicking on to find out more.

There you go 5 easy tips to improve your email marketing. If you enjoyed this article subscribe to our newsletter and receive our latest news and tips first.