Discover the latest insights on combating mobile industry fraud in this compelling read from MEF.  Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is poised for significant growth, projected to exceed $95 billion by 2026, revolutionizing digital transactions with simplified and secure processes. However, with this growth comes the challenge of potential fraud.

Key Insights from the Webinar:

1. Fraud Prevention: Companies like iTouch, Smadex and MCP Insight are actively combating fraud by implementing solutions and best practices, fostering a profitable and sustainable market.
2. Importance of Service Quality: Service quality directly impacts conversion rates, emphasizing the need for transparent promotion to build user trust and satisfy mobile carriers' risk criteria.
3. Transparency Challenges: Despite improvements, transparency remains lacking in the mVAS advertising landscape, with hidden traffic and limited accountability. Enhancing transparency across the value chain is crucial.
4. Regulatory Complexity: Navigating mVAS advertising and DCB amid global regulatory complexities requires partnerships with DSPs and compliance experts to stay informed and compliant.