Within any industry, there are certain events which become the hub of information, networking and innovation which pushes the industry to greater heights. Events such as the Mobile World Congress and Carrier Community have become the launching pad for many businesses.

Thus, with Carrier Community having successfully hosted their 11th annual Carrier Community GCCM in London, earlier this year, their next conference hosted in Berlin is set to be of the same calibre.

Let’s delve into what this event is all about and what to expect from their Berlin conference, occurring on the 14th – 15th of May 2019.


Who is the Carrier Community?

Carrier Community was established in 2008. This community is now known for being an elite worldwide telecom club and industry networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers, including sectors such as Voice, Data, SMS, Mobile, Datacenters, VAS, MVNO, ISP, Cable Subsea, Telehouse and other related industries.

Since its inception, this Community provides a platform where members can share ideas, contacts and business information. Members can connect with their peers, have access to the latest industry news, publish articles and advertise their companies on the club publications, attend various members conferences globally and other benefits.

What is the importance of the GCCM?

The GCCM wishes to build a bridge between various CC members, predominately from the wholesales telco service provider arena and cloud, submarine and MVNO operators.

With this in mind, CC is bringing together members and Telco Eco-Partners from various segments such as Data, Cloud, Application Providers, Voice, SMS Messaging, Mobile, OTT/ Content Providers, VAS, Submarine Cable, Enterprise, Satellite, ISP, Data Centers and other related segments.

What to expect?

This year’s Berlin Forum will be focusing centred around the Digital cloud, SMS and global awards.

This forum will be CC’s 6th annual CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE 2019 GCCM – taking place in Berlin on 14th & 15th May 2019 at Waldorf Astoria Berlin for its members with several evening networking receptions. There are expected to be 400+ member executives representing decision makers from 200+ telco operator to meet and network in Berlin.

Additionally, members and Telco Eco-Partners from various segments such as Data, Cloud, Application Providers, Voice, SMS Messaging , Mobile, OTT/ Content Providers, VAS, Submarine Cable, Enterprise, Satellite, ISP, Data Centre’s and other related segments will be meeting, networking with peers and discovering new business opportunities, discussing latest market trends at the panel sessions and showcasing their latest solutions.

To attain a more immersive feel of what this forum is all about, click here for highlights from the previous edition

If those highlights intrigued you, click here to view the agenda for the 14th of May and here for the 15th of May agenda.

Community of excellence

With such a great community, creating a space of engagement and discussion, carrier community events are becoming the place to meet for telecommunication providers.

With members, such as iTouch, availing themselves to discuss the industry and to improve it, Carrier Community is continuing to solidify their place in the industry as a meeting club of excellence.

For more information about the Carrier Community, visit their official site. 

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