The Smartphone has become our essential tool for communication, from job applicants and from searching for positions to completing applications, our phones have accommodated almost every step of the process. Given the fact that applicants are attached to their mobile phones during the job hunting process and coupled with the fact that SMS has a 98% open rate it would make sense for recruiters to be using the medium.

There are many ways that you can use SMS to streamline the job application process, follow-up on leads, and keep candidates informed. Additionally, SMS does not merely have to be outward facing but can be used in-house by recruitment agencies to coordinate internally.

When considering adding bulk SMS to your communication strategy one will need to consider many logistical factors. Requirements such as the number of messages that you will be sending; their frequency, as well as your target audience.

If you're still undecided on how bulk SMS can improve your recruitment agency output, then let us take you through nine ways recruitment agencies can benefit from bulk messaging.

Recruitment agencies benefit from bulk SMS

1. Sending out job posts to select candidates in the database

When executed correctly, SMS text messaging can increase the speed that job openings are filled. As soon as you, the recruitment agency is notified of a job opening, a recruiter responsible for handling the vacancy can send an SMS to their potential “job seekers” list. SMS makes it easy for recruiters to fill vacancies as you get the message out faster and reduce turn around times.

2. Inform candidates they are shortlisted

SMS is a great candidate for efficiency of time. It can be customised to fit any recruitment process you currently have in your business. If your client requires a shortlisting process, you can add candidates details into your database, and as they pass through the various phases, you can send a bulk SMS to those who have shortlisted without the hassle of having to have to call each candidate individually.

3. Inform candidate of interview details

Considering the high open rate of SMS, this medium allows a level of certainty that interview information will reach them. Thus, sending interview information via SMS ensures that they will not miss essential details to aid towards a successful interview.

4. Inform candidate of an offer

According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS. Taking into consideration statistics such as these, using this preferred mode of communication would result in better communication practices and set your business apart from your competitors.

5. Inform candidate of follow-ups or call backs/2nd round interviews

It was found that it takes 90 seconds on average for a person to respond to an SMS compared to email’s 90 minutes response time. With such odds, the quick response time could be the difference between your candidates receiving that job or losing out. 

Having a fast response time shows that candidate is ambitious and that you're recruiting quality candidates.  Aspects that go a long way to adding to your reputation as a premium recruitment specialist. 

6. Provide the candidate with a feedback post interview

We all know the dread of waiting for feedback regarding an interview. With SMS, candidates can receive that feedback immediately and use it as a reminder for future meetings to improve their chances or know that they have got the job quickly.

7. Inform database to update CV each year

With 49.7% of all email being spam, the possibility of your corporate email ending up in the spam box is quite high. Using SMS in combination helps you significantly decrease the likelihood of candidates missing your message. Encouraging the update their CV annually keeps you top of mind when they consider a job move as well as helping you keep an up to date database should you receive any request for a particular set of skills.

Finally, these annual reviews also help maintain the relationship with candidates you have come in contact with in the past and it can assist your brand building efforts.

8. Market to users looking for jobs in the new year

Personalised messages can also be used to attract qualified job-seekers. All you need to do is send a first SMS that initiates an individual’s interest. Once you receive a response you can begin a discourse regarding career options you may have available for the specific candidate. 

9. SMS is cost-effective and improves productivity

Texting a candidate will also allow your recruitment agency to considerably diminish the number of unwanted outbound and inbound calls while weakening the over-reliance on email communications. You can then use the extra resource elsewhere.

Join the SMS revolution

Keeping track of employment opportunities, job openings, and other moving parts in the recruitment industry can be extremely time-consuming. 

Taking advantage of text messaging in job placement, agencies can make staying in touch with clients and manage logistics efficient without increasing costs or man power especially as you start to scale the business. 

Likewise, applicants can check their application status, receive notifications, and have no excuse for missing that follow-up interviews, removing many communication and miscommunication touch points that often take up valuable time.

If you're serious about growing your recruitment agency then consider incorporating bulk SMS to your communication strategy. 

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