If you've been an avid follower of your news articles then you may have read tonnes about SMS marketing and why it's such a great marketing tool.

Also you may be thinking ‘why didn’t I start this years ago’. All these tips and strategies may be helpful but I don't have the database to support it.

This all leads to the final question you then ask yourself the question, ‘where do I start?’

At iTouch, we experience that, for many businesses, this can sometimes seem like the most challenging part – so you’re not alone. In reality, getting started is much easier than you think so here are our tips on how to build an SMS database

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Collecting your entries for your database

There are a number of ways to collect phone numbers for your SMS marketing database and while it may need considerable effort on your part, eventually it can pay off in terms of ROI if done correctly and consistently.

1. Ask around

The best place to start is by asking your customers. But make sure you have a reason. For example, at the point of transaction, simply ask if they would like to receive special offers via text, or if you can contact them about their order via SMS.

2. Website opt-ins

If you run a website where you collect the details of your customer, e.g. a bookings website, including a simple tick box saying: I'd like to accept offers via SMS.

3. Do you have data already

You’ll be surprised at what data already exists in your organisation. Whether you have a sophisticated CRM database or an excel spreadsheet, have a look at what existing information could be used to add value to your customers.

You may have collected mobile numbers for some reason in the past and forgot about it over the years.

4. Short-code opt-ins

Shortcodes are a fantastic tool for growing your SMS marketing list. You can advertise a keyword relevant to your business on 82228 allowing customers to opt in to receive offers.

5. USSD Opt-ins

Similar to shortcodes USSD allows users to opt in to receive SMS messaging simply by typing in a short code #1111 for example to opt-in.

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