SMS marketing has can become one of the best channels for your business to use to drive engagement, help marketers build profitable databases, boost conversation rates and create brand loyalty.

SMS marketing allows businesses to be innovative and effective when informing and engaging with their customer base directly with a quick turn around time.

These reasons coupled with the growth of mobile devices has created a platform for SMS to become a key marketing strategy going into 2017.

Now that you're aware of the benefits of SMS, you're probably thinking how can I use SMS to drive my business goals? It's pretty simple, check out our top 10 tips on how to use SMS for effective marketing.

1. Mobile coupons/ Flash discounts

The best kind of surprise is receiving a text message with a discount code from one of your favourite places to shop or eat.This will definitely increase sales and strengthen customer relationships.

2. Text message sweepstakes

Text-to-win contests are taking over the mobile marketing industry. It is the simplicity of texting a word, phrase or number to a short code and automatically being entered into a competition that gives it its success.

3. In-store deals/offers

Enticing your customers with in-store deals and offers could greatly increase the number of customers who enter the store and, which could grow sales.

4. Customer surveys

SMS open rates are at 99%, are opened within 15 minutes and 97% of it is being read. Therefore, using SMS as a customer support/feedback tool could garner much better results than a long survey. Having short, easy to answer survey will give you fast feedback and better information.

5. Integrate SMS with your email campaigns and eCommerce

Having URLS within an SMS encourages subscription and customer viewing. This type of SMS also has a higher click through rate which will increase email and eCommerce sales.

6. Appointment reminders

The use of SMS could prevent loss of revenue. Reminding the client of an appointment that they have made with you could decrease cancelled or no-show appointments within your business.

7. Weekly tips

Doing a weekly tip for your customers could be used to build a relationship with your customers. This weekly tip of information gives value and shows care. This will allow your firm to be one of their first choices when they need the of service you provide.

8. Mailing list

Having an email capture within your SMS will increase customer engagement. This feature will allow your customers to be added to your mailing list and allow you an easy way to engage and inform them about the company.

9. Reminders and reward

Use SMS to remind your customers of the services you provide and reward your most loyal customers. This will increase loyalty with your customers and possibly sales.

10. Add SMS to every campaign

Adding an SMS with a short code encourages conversation and feedback. This will strengthen the bond between you and your customer.

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