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Bulk SMS
Bulk Messaging
iTouch Messaging Service
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Why Use Bulk SMS?

  • Bulk SMS’s are read more than emails and any other form of personal communication
  • Customers can respond immediately
  • Pitch test - several messages can be tested before the best one is chosen to send to the entire base

How Bulk SMS Works

We send a single and purposeful message from a machine/server to multiple mobile numbers in a specific period of time. The recipients receive the SMS in their message box and are alerted to its existence in the way the usual way. Every message has an audited path and can be replied to by each and every customer.

Key Features

  • A single SMS is limited to 160 characters. A longer message? Then more than one SMS will be delivered, in the right sequence
  • A customer can be reached for as little as 14c and you will know whether your communication was opened, or not
  • A company can solicit an immediate response or sale from an SMS

What Does It Cost?

SMS costs depend on the volume commitment given to the distributor per month, or per annum, and can range from 13c - 19c

Recommended Solution For

  • Financial institutions notifying customers of new products and services
  • Financial institutions providing SARS-required information
  • Financial institutions providing OTPs (One time passwords) for security
  • Retail companies informing their clients of sales, promotions and when accounts are open for new month
  • Service industries confirming bookings and thanking clients at the end of the transaction cycle