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Why Use Mobile Development Services?

Most people from as young as the age of 10 have a mobile phone and are economically active creating a massive personal communication network.

Smart operators acknowledge and recognise how much time people spend on their mobile phones and are aware that they're have the potential to be a 24 hour communication channel.

iTouch has been active since the beginning of the mobile telephony era in South Africa and have so much faith in our products that we use many of these tools for our own promotion and growth!

iTouch provides mobile development for all products and service industries whilst using mobile tools for the promotion and growth of its own businesses

How Mobile Development Works

Customers have a myriad of ways in which they interact with their mobile phones. From the use of Apps, short-codes, USSD, websites and mobi sites to search, interact and transact. Creating a number of touchpoints for companies to communicate with clients. At iTouch our development solutions in a mobile space cover all of these touch points.

Making it of utmost importance to have some visible presence on these platforms. It is essential businesses be very active in the mobile space.

Key Features

  • We develop for all phone platforms
  • We develop fast and cost-effectively - our long experience has enables us to deliver efficiently and consistently
  • Every service is built with a mobile journey in mind, so everything is scalable

Recommendation Solution For

This is the ideal solution if you trying to source and supply:

  • Communication that is relevant in today's market
  • Communication that is interactive
  • Communication that is always fresh

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