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Why Use IOT?

Our constant strives for innovation makes us IoT ready, allowing us to bring to you M2M messaging solutions. Machine to machine messaging is starting to grow in popularity, as businesses want to eliminate downtime and make sure maintenance is done regularly.

So when Samsung enables their products to communicate with each other - or the local store, or when an electrical sub-station sends a message warning of required maintenance, iTouch’s IoT messaging solution is the answer.

How IOT Messaging Works

As a founding VAS provider, iTouch has provided different technologies for companies across the spectrum of services and products and understands the need for flexibility and adaptability.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as Quality of Service (QoS) agreements between service providers, customers and third-parties have been a low priority in M2M and IoT.

Partly due to the nascent nature of these markets as well as the technical and partnering complexity of many solutions, existing SLA frameworks have been redesigned and implemented in those domains where immediate control and management by providers has been available.

Research has identified that more and more applications will need to be supported by fit-for-purpose QoS Agreements. The future priority for customers will become one of securing SLAs that address end-to-end requirements of their specific M2M and IoT solutions, and then exploring which technologies may deliver these requirements.

Key Features

  • Sophisticated Analytics

Open and flexible solutions connect the data flow from machine 2 machine and support that data flow through sophisticated analytics.

  • Secure

The implications for privacy of the Internet of Things are massive. It combines the worst fears one has of the NSA with those more mundane, but everyday fears of big data. The addition of our compliant and secure platform brings to rest some of these concerns.

  • Real-Time Reporting

Machines, sensors, and devices that are connected to networks and data systems produce large volumes of fast moving data with huge potential for insight generation.

The capture, processing and sharing of this data in real-time becomes a vital element of the IoT ecosystem.

Easily connect your application to our Communication Platform/s for instant sharing, similar to that which satisfies our banking clients.

All information distributed would carry a time stamp, delivery path and/or customised information as required by the ecosystem. This data is available via a push or pull request.

What Does It Cost?

Products or services don’t have an obvious IoT element to them. High costs of required investment in IoT infrastructure remains an obstacle. Our plug and Play platform makes for a convenient global partner to your business.

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  • Real time machine to machine messaging
  • Real time machine to consumer messaging
  • Real time data capturing and notification

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