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Why Use mGate?

mGate is a robust SMS messaging solution aimed at enterprises who handle large amounts of data, primarily banks, financial institutions and large retailers.

It also has an event-based messaging feature allows you to set up an automated messaging flow and then rely on database integration to send SMS messages whenever an actionable event occurs.

How mGate Works

mGate business messaging gateway provides enterprise clients with full SMS messaging, push notifications and email capabilities, including 2-Way messaging (inbound SMS reception), mobile number validity lookups and full in-depth reporting and statistics.

It has several integration and deployment options, global coverage and 24/7 specialised support.

End-to-end security is achieved through VPN tunnelling and strong encryption.

Key Features

  • Run Multiple campaigns
  • Multiple access points
  • Real time performance reports

What Does It Cost?

mGate is provided and set up free of charge. You only pay for the SMS messages you send to your customer database.

Recommended Solution For

  • For enterprises who handle large amounts of data
  • Primarily used by banks, financial institutions and large retailers

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