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Why Use Campaign Manager?

Our claim to fame! Campaign Manager, our SMS marketing platform that most of our long-standing clients use in order to manage and control their mobile marketing campaigns at the click of their keyboard.

iTouch's messaging platform tracks every message created, captures all responses and actively manages the opt-in status for every campaign.

How Campaign Manager Works

Campaign manager allows you to run multiple SMS marketing campaigns – broadcasts, polls - using our 2-way messaging features - and coupons or vouchers.

You can now track your campaigns on our live dashboard enabling you to refine your direct marketing efforts.

Campaign Manager is accessible via our web portal and also available via API solutions.

Key Features

  • Run Multiple campaigns
  • Multiple access points
  • Real time performance reports

What Does It Cost?

Campaign Manager is provided and set up free of charge. You only pay for the SMS messages you send to your customer database.

Recommended Solution For

  • Direct marketing campaigns (bulk SMS)
  • Communications to your customer base (service messaging, e.g., thanking a customer for their purchase etc.)

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