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Why Use Campaign Factory?

Our future claim to fame! Campaign Factory, our Multimedia marketing platform that caters for the next generation of mobile marketing messaging called MEMS – multi-media embedded messaging service.

You can now send out a multi-media campaign that will attract far more attention than simply sending out a plain text message.

How Campaign Factory Works

Easy to use multimedia messaging solutions - Because the solution has been designed for novices, Campaign Factory gives your in-house team the capability to instantly create rich-media campaigns using your own advertising material that our platform will automatically render for all internet-enabled phones.

Track your campaigns in real-time using our Dynamic Reporting feature and therefore streamline future campaigns for better results.

Key Features

  • Run Multiple campaigns
  • Run Multi-media campaigns using MEMs
  • Real time performance reports

What Does It Cost?

Campaign Factory is provided and set up free of charge. You only pay for the MEMS you send to your customer database.

Recommended Solution For

  • Direct marketing campaigns,
  • Interactive marketing campaigns,
  • Bulk communications to your customer base,
  • Secure sending of invoices, pay slips and statements, amongst others.

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