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Why Use Bulk MMS?

Plain text SMSs are inexpensive and effective, but an occasional multi-media communication can keep the customer well connected to your brand.

Help your message stand out in an inbox filled with clutter or engage users in a way you never knew possible and solicit a positive reaction.

How Bulk MMS Works

MMS is a multi-media service message that can be a video clip or audio sent to the database of customer mobile numbers at a specific time.

An advantage of using this platform is that unlike SMS and MEMS, the MMS does not queue if the person’s phone is off or without airtime.

Key Features

An audio-visual file can be compressed so that customers don't need too much data to view or listen to your latest TV ad, YouTube demo, and an audio clip or radio advertisement. These files can be sent directly to customers, which they are able to access within the inbox of their mobile phone.

What Does It Cost?

An MMS will cost 3 to 4 times more than a plan text SMS, but with the unique advantage of sending your TV or radio commercial directly to customers' phones, increases your ROI substantially.

Recommended Solution For:

  • Sending a statement or invoice or letter of demand
  • Sharing your expensive TV or Radio commercial with customers directly for retention and increased sales
  • Prospecting for new customers for a particular service or product

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