Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging is the advertising medium that best recognises the mobility of consumers and the pre-eminence of mobile phones, tablets and computers in today’s world

Bulk messaging is an ideal medium for companies with large consumer databases and the desire to maintain an interactive relationship, for customer retention and business growth.

Bulk SMS

iTouch's Short Message Service can be applied to numerous messages that can be communicated in 1000 characters to any cellphone (billed accordingly).


A Multimedia-Embedded Message contains information dedicated to a target recipient in an uniquely created URL, and is archived for that person for easy reference and backward retrieval.

Bulk MMS

A picture message or multimedia message service (MMS) is a message that contains multimedia, such as a photograph or video from your phone’s camera. Depending on your phone, you may need to download your network’s settings for this function

Bulk Email

iTouch Messaging Services brings all the power of a complete mailing list server to your PC, allowing you to easily create, manage and communicate with everyone.


The most convenient, interactive, accessible channel. No matter the type of handset. USSD allows for instant & ongoing interactivity between company and client. You can leverage USSD as an accessible, easy-to-operate mobile communication & service channel.

Short Codes

In South Africa Short Codes are 5-digit mobile numbers allocated by cellular networks to registered WASPS such as iTouch . These Short Codes are compatible across all cellular networks.

Exclusive Messaging Solutions

As a partner to your business we at iTouch understand the need to provide bespoke Enterprise Messaging Solutions that assists your mobile marketing needs, and at the same time ensure that the process is designed for ease of use and application.

We provide several complete SMS and Multimedia campaign solutions and integration options to suit your business, coupled with unparalleled support and SLA’s (service level agreements).

Campaign Manager

Campaign manager allows you to run multiple SMS marketing campaigns – broadcasts, polls - using our 2-way messaging features - and coupons or vouchers. Campaign Manager is accessible via our web portal and also available via API solutions.


Use our Internet of Things protocol to create customizable real time messaging between devices or between a device and clients.

Campaign Factory

A Multimedia-Embedded Message contains information dedicated to a target recipient in an uniquely created URL, and is archived for that person for easy reference and backward retrieval.


mGate business messaging gateway provides enterprise clients with full SMS messaging, push notifications and email capabilities, including 2-Way messaging (inbound SMS reception), mobile number validity lookups and full in-depth reporting and statistics.


As a vendor of bulk messaging we supply a range messaging solutions to cater to various markets and clients. While also helping maintain and improve database health and ROI.



With our Text-2-Speech solution you can deliver a voice message to your users to any fixed and mobile phone, in the world.

Number Context

Active? Ported? Roaming? Mobile number validation, great for database cleaning. Reduce costs by keeping your mobile numbers database up to date!

Software Development

Mobile campaigns are cost effective because they are totally measurable and can be used across digital platforms with minimal adjustments.

We assist clients with database cleanup and campaign development, which includes software development for operating systems so that their mobile business development strategy is in alignment with global best practices.


Mobile Development

We assists businesses and individuals to grow their business and take their strategies online.


Augmented Reality

A live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.